Who we are

Founded in 1998, Graphic Power is a unique creatively driven organisation, based in United Kingdom whose work includes fine art, print, design solutions, editorial projects and bespoke publishing, corporate identity, web design and brand development.
What we do

We market and create our own brands for ourselves as well as clients. We believe that we have a great understanding of the issues, obstacles and opportunities that present themselves in today’s ultra fast moving environment.

We never stand still – always pushing and testing new ideas – some work and some don’t. We nurture the ones that do fine tuning them to perfection and move on from the ones that don’t. Our clients because of this unique approach benefit from these real life business experiences.

Our craft is firmly rooted on talent, we are not afraid to explore new ground and develop niche systems and different ways of doing things.

Graphic Power applies a functional perspective to its projects and delivers specific, relevant functional answers to premium in house brands and key clients in various business sectors.

What makes us good

01. Make damn good work.
Good work works – and if this works you it also works best for us. We can deliver case studies and live working environments that demonstrate our approach works.

02. Do good work for good people.
We work with people we like and for whom we know we can help reach their goals. Enough said.

03. Work hard, play hard.
We love what we do, and so we have a good time doing it. We also have outside passions —travel, food, family & music to name a few — that not only keep us happy, but add dimension to the work we do.